Month: March 2014

Judy’s Quilt

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My good friend, Judy, is an avid quilter and loves trying new patterns and methods. My heart leaped when she brought this gem to me – I think it’s sweet and very feminine.

I tried to match a quilting style with her beautiful quilt – I believe we were both happy with how it turned out! Thanks for the opportunity Judy! It was a blast!

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Peachtree Road Race

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Life is Better In Running Shoes

Preserve that priceless feeling of crossing the finish line for decades to come. Don’t leave your race day shirts piled up in drawers – display them proudly in a purposeful and lasting manner!

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Sterrett’s Quilt

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Sterrett’s quilt is a large one with over 30 shirts! He has shirts that represent family trips from all over the world, shirts that span the years from first grade all the way to college and shirts that will remind him of his various athletic teams. Quilts remind us of special moments in our lives!


Luke’s Quilt

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This quilt is for an avid tennis player in Dunwoody, Georgia. Luke has done a lot of things in his 17 years of life including Boy Scouts, serving as a Ball Boy at the Australian Open and US Open Tennis events, church activities and school clubs. He has been a busy young man!

Way to go Luke!

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Caroline’s Quilt

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Caroline’s quilt will be a surprise but not a shock. I believe Caroline knows that a quilt is being created for her, but she has not seen the end result. She is a senior in high school in Atlanta, Georgia. It is so fun to tell Caroline’s story through her shirts: vacations, athletic teams, clubs at school and special events will be remembered for years to come with this Graduation Quilt!

                        Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 3.21.59 PM    Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 12.07.33 PM     Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 12.06.34 PM