Keep on Runnin’

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2015-02-22 14.49.52

Last weekend, this adorable daughter surprised her mother with her finished Peachtree Road Race T-shirt quilt! I enjoyed working with this mom/daughter team and we had a blast picking out the fabrics together at Intown Quilt Shop. The mom thought the quilt would be done later this spring, so i was thrilled to get this note from her:

Hi Elizabeth,

What a wonderful surprise this weekend when Stephanie presented me with the completed quilt as all the family looked on.  I love it and so do the rest of the family!  I was delighted that you completed it so quickly.

I am so happy with our choices of fabric for the border, the dividing strips and the backing.  You have done a fantastic job of pulling it all together.  It is beautiful!  The quilt is an heirloom that I will treasure and that we will all enjoy for years to come.

Life is grand when you are doing something you love!


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