Have you got Georgia on your Mind?!

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Last year, almost 57,000 people ran the Peachtree Road Race! It is listed as one of the largest races in the world – next up, the NYC Marathon with 51,000 runners! I’ve lived in Georgia over 50 years – and I’ve only run the Peachtree twice. It’s an experience for sure:  runners with tutus, beers, ACU’s and heavy ruck sacks, happy faces and determined grimaces. Chances are you have run the race – and find yourself with these great Peachtree Road Race t-shirts and you don’t want to throw them out! Have you considered a t-shirt quilt? This customer is going to hang this in his “man cave” – waiting for my first order to be hung in a “woman cave”!! 🙂

“Our running shoes have magic in them. The power to transform a bad day in to a good day; frustration into speed; self-doubt into confidence; chocolate cake into muscle.”    Mina Samuels – author of Run Like a Girl.



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