Let the madness begin……

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Graduation is just a month away and I delivered my first graduation quilt of the season today! Graduation is such an exciting time….. students are ready to be done, parents are nervous and the world is waiting to see what you will do! Stay tuned….about 10 more quilts to show soon! 🙂

A few wise words from Dr. Seuss:

“You have brains in your head; You have feet in your shoes; You can steer yourself any direction you choose!!!” 

This quilt is for a beautiful young lady in Roswell  – and her mother saved clothes for the last 18 years to celebrate this event! It’s the first time we have attached an entire baby dress AND the bloomers that go with it! So sweet and sentimental!!!

A Conversation Quilt!

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When I received a call from Lisa to make a quilt out of men’s handkerchiefs, I didn’t really know what to expect! Lisa seemed to be unsure whether her artwork was worthy to be used for a quilt. After I saw her amazing “folk-like” handkerchiefs, I assured her she was on to something very special! Lisa embroiders a handkerchief about every month or so using words that stick out to her from that month’s conversations and events. These handkerchiefs will be used to help her children and grandchildren recollect these events for years to come! So…on National Quilt Day….get out of your box and try something new!

Blood, Sweat and Tears…..

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About a year ago, I was asked to create a “WOW” quilt – a “white on white” King Size quilt made from very old white linen tablecloths. I knew it would take me out of my comfort zone and stretch my quilting ability. Many thanks to my friend, Jan Cox, for creating the quilt top with much care and precision. There were house visits, meetings to discuss the quilt, a broken quilt machine, hours of dense custom quilting and finally a day to celebrate the finished quilt! In short, this quilt was made with blood, sweat and tears! 

A Bangladesh Beauty!

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As a “maker”, I always appreciate gifts that are handmade! My son and his wife gave me this beautiful quilt for Christmas! The quilt was slowly and carefully created by a woman in a  village in Bangladesh – every bit of this quilt is done by hand. For you sewing types, it is a teal whole cloth with geometric designs cross-stitched all over the fabric. I know it wasn’t easy to get this beauty all the way back to Alaska and then to Atlanta – it is priceless to me!!! I love this couple and this quilt!!

“Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal.” An Irish headstone

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When my dear friend’s father passed, she immediately knew one way she wanted to remember his life. Because her father had a “Life Well Lived” – she decided to have 5 quilts created with her father’s treasured shirts, ties, sweaters, hats, fabric from his favorite chairs, pants, handkerchiefs and jeans. I love my friend’s generosity that allowed her to surprise her mother, sister, nephew and aunt with a unique and treasured Christmas present!  “….love leaves a memory no one can steal.”


The Christmas Quilt

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“Maybe Christmas,” he thought, “doesn’t come from a store.
Maybe Christmas … perhaps … means a little bit more!”
The Grinch by Dr. Seuss, 1957.
My friend, Lucy, decided to take her mother’s precious Christmas clothes and have them made into a quilt for herself. Her mother had Christmas sweaters, turtlenecks, cardigans, t-shrits and vests. What a special way to remember her mother – and celebrate her – every year! Her mother had a favorite saying…..
“Remember and Celebrate Family”. Amen!

Every Child is an artist ~ Picasso

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Yes – every child is an artist! But it takes a dedicated mom and some paints and lots of patience to create this jewel!I had the joy of putting this quilt together for a mother that used this quilt as her classroom art project for theirpreschool auction! Isn’t is adorable?! They used lots of vibrant colors and polka dots on the back – so fun 🙂

I’m happy to report that the quilt sold for a whopping $600 for the preschool!!!

IMG_4296 IMG_4298

IMG_4299  IMG_4300  IMG_4301

“A friend is what the heart needs all the time” Henry van Dyke

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It was a pleasure to work with two ladies that have been friends for decades. Years ago, they met as high school P.E. teachers and became fast friends! One friend decided to have a quilt made with her friend’s Peachtree Road Race t-shirts. It was a great day to listen to our young friend describe running the very first Peachtree Road Race in Atlanta – and they ran out of t-shirts! This amazing lady continued to run the race over 30 times – stopping just shy of her 80th birthday! IMG_4185

IMG_4181  IMG_4182

Better late than never!

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In late April and May, many quilts are given as very special graduation presents! Many times, I can’t post pictures until we are sure the gifts have been given. Today, I share with you examples of several different graduation quilts. It’s never too early to start saving those shirts, sweatshirts, hats, jackets, letters, and various other items for your quilts. Folks bring me shirts from school, athletic teams, camps, clubs, travel shirts, concerts, race t-shirts and more! Remember…..quilts tell a story!!

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Design is a journey of discovery!

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This weekend, I headed up to Nash Vegas for the Cotton and Steel Workshop at Anna Maria Horner’s Craft South Studio! It was a marvelous weekend meeting fantastic people from Colorado, Ohio, Minnesota, Massachusetts, Nebraska, Alabama, Tennessee, South Carolina, Texas and Louisiana! Many thanks to Kim, Melody, Rashida, Alexia and Sarah for teaching us and to Anna Maria Horner and her staff for being such gracious hosts! We learned, talked, shared, laughed and ate SO MUCH!!! It was a total blast! #Cottonandsteelforthewin; #cocktailsforquilters; #newquiltfriends 🙂


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