Quilt Styles

T-shirt quilts are a fun way to create a keepsake with the various t-shirts you or your children have collected over the years. I use the front and/or back of your favorite t-shirts along with color coordinated borders and backing to create a fun, memorable quilt. Each shirt is carefully cut, reinforced with interfacing and arranged as you wish. I quilt it on a long arm quilting machine using a quilt pattern of your choosing.  It is then finished with a machine-sewn binding, a personalized label and an optional sleeve for wall hanging.


Geometric Quilts

Geometric quilts are constructed in a grid and join 15″ t-shirts together using a favorite colored fabric. Typically a Geometric quilt uses 2 or 3 colors of fabrics and they can be your favorite color or your school’s colors. This is a classic style for a quilt.


Geometric Quilt Style (above)



Scrambled Column Quilts

Scrambled Column Quilts allow the t-shirts to be cut into different sizes and sewn in a random order in columns. This style allows you to begin to have a fun look without the addition of more fabric. Shirts are sewn straight to another shirt – a clean look!


Scrambled Column Quilts (above)

Whimsical Quilts

Whimsical Quilts also cut the t-shirts into different sizes and then adds fabric, checker boards and borders to create pizzazz.  This style allows the client to not only use their favorite colors but also their favorite patterns! Borders, interior frames, extra layers of fabric can all be created from fabrics that make you happy!


Whimsical Quilt Style (above)




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